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I want to let all pet owners know that I have tall dog gates and separate the dog's if necessary. I have never had a fight breakout. I am extremely intuitive and can read your dog's body language very well. When your dog comes for a visit I also take them for a walk and they experience mild training.

I am a very energetic person. I don't just like to walk dogs, I like to run, bike, hike, brush and play with them. They deserve it! I have been with dogs my whole life and I make time for my two furry babies at home. Now, I am expanding my passion for dogs that don't get to go outside as much as they need to.

My schedule is very flexible. I am currently at home due to a career change. I was a business owner, my goal is to reduce stress and get fit in return. I can definitely make time for your furry friend.

I want to focus mainly on what I call, "Puppy Time," brushing, massaging, walking, running, and hiking. I am willing to be flexible with their individual needs. I believe Puppy Time is essential for the development of a dog, and will encourage positive behavior.

Let me know if your dog has any special needs or behaviors that need to be addressed. Honesty is top for me. The first step is to set up consultation to go over all details. When puppies come to visit and happen to potty in the house, I do use diapers inside the house on those rare occasions.

About Brandi T.

Dogs are my passion. Both of my dogs are comfort therapy dogs. Kona is a Keeshond German Shepard mix. She is the runt of the litter with a huge personality. Kona loves to cuddle and her goal is to put a smile on your face. Bear is a pure Husky. We rescued him out of the breeding program. He loves going to Walmart to pick out toys to share with his friends. He is a perfect off grid partner and loves to help others feel better wherever he goes.

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